Saturday, 30 May 2015

Right - after loads of fiddling, I've managed to bring some of my creations into a format I can display here and then move to Pinterest.  Why am I doing this?  Because I'd like my stuff to be identifiable, rather than 'uploaded by Pinner'.

Someone commented to me recently that card making is actually a very expensive hobby.  Which is true to some extent but there are many other hobbies which are astronomical, either because of training fees, equipment or travel costs.  Crafting can be done in a small way with minimal stuff and isn't dependent on the weather or space necessarily.  Definitely, no travel involved except to craft shops and inspiration can be found via other blogs, YouTube or Pinterest.  If I buy a die for a particular card I want to make for someone - that creation is very costly, but after that everything I make with the same die costs nothing! Yay.  It's the way I like to rationalise my purchases, and works for me.

So, back to uploading my creations -

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